Friday, April 8, 2011

Half Saree - South Indian Traditional Fashion

India has many states and each state has a peculiar style of dressing and draping clothes. saree, the traditional outfit of Indian women too has many styles of draping; in South India there is a half-sareethat is also called Half Davani saree.Half sari is a three piece ladies garment. Comprising of a long skirtblouse and veil. The skirtcomponent being the lengha,the blouse being the choli and the veil being the dupatta.When offered for sale hence it is usually referred to as lengha choli with dupatta.

The three components of this outfit are available in different styles. The cholis for example can be tailored with full back or backless and the lengha tailored in the common A line cut or the more modern fish tail. The style of the Indian lengha is usually down to personal preference however religions and cultural attitudes to dress can also have a impact on the style worn. The Indian lengha was introduced in India by the Mughals who accepted this style of womens clothing as both modest and feminine.The Indian lengha is available in many colours and tailored from many fabrics. The colours can reflect the occasion. Red is favoured by Indian brides many now shunning the traditional sari for the more comfortable lengha on their wedding day.
The Mughals have long left India however this style of clothing as flourished within the Indian community as it is considered more comfortable to wear than the traditional sari. This style of clothing is so much preferred by some in the Indian community that lenghas are now designed to look like saris so women can enjoy the benefits of both styles of clothing.

The saree style earlier was restricted only to the village belles and known in that particular region. Now it’s a rage amongst the young girls too, owing to the saree patronized by television actresses and movie stars. Not only that, it is now flaunted on the ramp by super models and included in the collections of leading designers. Its tad convenient than full saree; it is nothing but a flowing skirtwith a matching blouse and a saree-wrap tucked across the skirt. During festivals like Onam and Pongal girls wear this sarees, earlier available only in villages now it has hit the racks of big malls and designer boutiques. The style and patterns have also been modified keeping in mind the latest styles. In India, it is known in different parts with different names like Half Davani Saree, Langa voni, Mundum Neriyathum, lehenga, ghagra-choli and so forth. You need not worry about scouting for the perfect half-saree, brings you an assortment of half-saree in different patterns and fabrics.