Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Square Silk Scarves - Clothing Accessories During the Warmer Seasons

Square scarvesSquare Silk Scarves... while many people love to wear scarves during the cold months, they find no use for these clothing accessoriesduring the warmer seasons and it should therefore surprise many to learn that these are great to wear even during the hot season.
To make the most of it as a clothing accessory, it is important to remember that this item of clothing has other uses other than keeping the body warm. In fact, it could be worn for reasons completely unrelated to the weather and could help improve the looks of a wearer whose clothing would otherwise have been considered boring.
For the summer, the pieces to wear should, of course, be light. Silk ones are especially ideal for the summer and the prices are quite reasonable. While during other seasons, these will mostly be worn to fight-off the cold and could be wrapped around the shoulders, in summer it should be worn around the neck.

A simple way to get out of this potential disaster is to wear a simple top. For ladies who wear colorful scarves as belts, the accessory draws immediate attention to the waist, and generates positive attention.

As a summer accessory, a scarf can be worn in a variety of ways and while simply tying it around the neck might not be considered chic, it can be worn in such a way that they hang over dresses. If the scarf chosen is square in shape, it can be draped around the shoulder and allowed to fall over the back. Scarves come in different designs such as polka dot prints and floral prints, and shapes such as square, rectangle, diamond, rhombus etc. A simple plain colored square silk scarf is a great addition to a business suit, while printed or beaded or hand embroidered square silk scarves scarf with sequins are more a casual add on.

A simple square silk scarf is a style accessory and gives a fresh look. These scarves can be worn in many ways. The scarf can be folded in half forming a triangle that can be tied around your neck loosely to hang grammatically off of one shoulder. A common purpose of scarf is to cover the head. Usually a large square scarf is used to cover the head. Smaller square silk scarfs can be used as a hair band to tie the hair into a pony tail. Also the scarf can be tied around your waist as a waist band. A scarf can alternatively be tied on a casual wear such as jeans and a short jacket so give a sexy look. These delicate looking square pieces can also be tied around the hip by folding it into a triangle and tying it around the hip to give a classy look.
Silk scarves are a classic, timeless fashion accessory for use by both men and women. These gorgeous fashion accessories can add the final touch to your fashion attire. You can use them on any occasion or give them as gifts to special friends or relatives.
Silk scarves can be worn in many different creative ways. For instance:
  • You can wear them on your head as a head scarf or wrap them around your shoulders like a stole.
  • You can tie them to your hair allowing them to hang freely around your neck for that sophisticated look.
  • Or simply tie one around your hips as a scarf belt.